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Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a system of therapy focused on the structure of the body, particularly the spine.
Chiropractors manipulate the body’s alignment to relieve pain and improve function and to help the
body heal itself. Spinal manipulation is a generic term used for any kind of therapeutic movement of the
spine. Most often it involves the application of quick but strong pressure on a joint between two
vertebrae of the spine. Although many people who hear the word chiropractor may initially think that
they are only available to help with spine pain, there are many other useful health and body benefits of
seeking chiropractic care.

Chiropractors have a big role in helping people find natural, drug-free treatments to help them
manage their pain. Pain is the leading cause of disability, along with the most common reason people
seek medical care. Chiropractors work to help those in pain to either avoid or stop the use of opioids for
their chronic pain. The National Institutes of Health have found that chronic pain impacts the lives of
more Americans than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined.
Helping patients to manage their pain needs without medication allows for the number of
opioid addictions to decrease. According to the Tennessee Chiropractic Association a study found that
chiropractic care for back pain helped lower opioid use by 55%. Recent years an opioid outbreak has sky
rocketed and continues to climb each year, with the help of chiropractors we can lower these numbers
and help save families and lives.

Chiropractic care may also include other treatments, including manual or manipulative
therapies, postural and exercise education, and ergonomic training (how to walk, sit, and stand to limit
back strain). Chiropractors often work in conjunction with your primary physician, pain experts, and
surgeons to help with all underlying issues. Some patients may not have any back pain but can benefit
from strengthening their spine and the muscles surrounding to help alleviate other medical issues.
Seeking chiropractic care is not always just for pain relief. Your spinal cord is made of up 24
independent vertebrae, which allows your body to move, twist, and bend through every motion of your
busy day. It also encases and helps protect delicate central nervous system that controls and
coordinates every muscle, tissue, and organ of the body. This is why many doctors believe the first step
to an active lifestyle is a properly functioning spine. Joint dysfunctions often go unnoticed and can
cause little to no pain, which can lead years of unnoticed issues causing miscommunication between
your brain and body. Joint dysfunction can eventually lead to other symptoms in other joints of the
body as well. The great news is that you can help prevent these types of symptoms and conditions with
routine chiropractic care.

Chiropractors treat all parts of the mind and body, which often goes unnoticed as many are
under the impression that a chiropractor only helps with the back. This however is not true as seeing a
specialist can help in so many other ways. Routine chiropractic care can help relieve pain from arthritis,
bursitis, chronic issues, foot knee or ankle, arm wrist or shoulders, stress and tension disorders and joint
discomfort. Chiropractors also help improve posture while standing or sitting, improve motion and
coordination, and improve physical function and performance.

There are many essential benefits to seeing a chiropractic care, chiropractors don’t simply seek
to treat your symptoms, including pain, but to find the underlying cause of it and treat that. It’s a long
term solution to help improve your overall health and quality of life. Everyone from growing children to
active seniors can benefit from regular chiropractic care.
If you want to give chiropractic a try, give us a call at Duncan Chiropractic to schedule your free