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Meet the Chiropractor

  • Dr.
    Ryan Duncan

    Hello and welcome to Duncan Chiropractic. At Duncan Chiropractic, you, the patient are our number one priority. My name is Dr. Ryan Duncan. I am a chiropractor in Strongsville, Ohio and the founder of the company, Duncan Chiropractic, LLC. I grew up in Medina County where I attended Buckeye High School. In high school, I enjoyed playing varsity soccer where I learned the importance of focusing on “the goal” and staying physically fit in order to perform my best. I also discovered that an injury can really lower your performance and set you back. I found that chiropractic care was extremely effective in helping me return to the game as quickly as possible after getting banged up a time or two on the field. After high school, I attended the University of Toledo, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. I received my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in the upstate Finger Lakes region. After graduation in 2010 from chiropractic school, I moved back home to northeast Ohio to live and work in the area where I grew up. I have had a passion for chiropractic for many years and this passion continues to grow with every patient I am able to help to reach their goals to achieving a healthier life style.

    I first became interested in chiropractic care when I was a young child. I injured my neck while trying to push down on a bike helmet that was too small for me. While doing so, I felt a sudden snap in my neck that instantly caused pain and spasm. I went to the hospital and was told to rest my neck for three weeks. After a few nights of little sleep, my mother took me to try chiropractic care. After a gentle adjustment to my neck, I felt amazingly better. I was finally able to sleep that night! After a few more treatments, I was back riding my bike again with my friends. While in undergraduate school I injured my neck again when I hit a low beam in a basement. I had headaches for several days despite using pain medication and icing my neck. With final exams the following week, I was desperate for some relief from my headaches so I pursued chiropractic care. Thankfully, after a few chiropractic treatments my pain had subsided dramatically and I was able to concentrate on my studies again.

    As a child, getting chiropractic treatment got me back into activities I enjoyed and later on helped me succeed in college by reducing my headaches at exam time. As your doctor, my passion is to help you resume the lifestyle and activities you’ve always enjoyed, thus improving your overall quality of life.

    When not treating patients, I enjoy many outdoor activities. In the winter, you will find me hitting the slopes and skiing with friends and family. During the summer I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, water skiing, and fishing. I also enjoy cooking, so feel free to ask about healthy recipes as I have a strong background in nutrition and would be happy to coach you on healthier eating habits.

Meet the Staff

  • Nicole Mucurio
    Chiropractic Assistant

    Nicole Mucurio has been a Chiropractic Assistant for us since February of 2016. She has lived in Strongsville, Ohio the last 19 years with her family. She grew up in Parma, Ohio. She currently works part time for Us and part time for Empowering Punch. She has a vast professional resume and has worked as Pediatric LPN for 8 years , as well as worked in roles such Account Executive, to Advertising Development and Marketing Management. She is people person & she loves helping others. She enjoy meeting new patients and in this line work people come in hurting and its great to see them feel better when they leave. She always wants to make a positive difference in someones life-no matter how big or small it may be. She enjoys watching Chiropractic care change their lives.

    She is a graduate of Cleveland State University. She is an active member of Strongsville Chamber of Commerce. She enjoys Fitness. Fitness boxing spends time outdoors.

  • Carrie Hurst

    Carrie Hurst has been a Billing Assistant for us since February 2016.  She was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She attended Tri-C Western Campus, and North Harris Community Colleges. She has resided in Medina County for 31 years.  She has extensive experience in both the Chiropractic field and the business field.  She has five years’ experience as a Chiropractic Assistant prior to working in our office.  She worked for Dr. Yong Jung in North Olmsted, Ohio.  She was a Secretary for K&M Construction in Medina, Ohio.  Additionally, she worked for ten years as an Administrative Assistant for Ryder Integrated Logistics Inc., as Dispatcher and Management support in Medina, Ohio.  Currently, besides working part time for us as a Billing Assistant, she owns and operates her own business, Scooters Soft Serve LLC.   It is an ice cream concession trailer.  In the summertime, she travels to fairs and festivals serving up delicious ice cream treats.  She is a people person who loves to see the positive and healthy changes Chiropractic care makes in the lives of our patients.  In her spare- time she loves to spend time with her family and loves reading thriller novels.  


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