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How Do You Know if Your Spine is Misaligned?

Proper alignment of the spine is important for the body to function at its best. When the spine is misaligned, issues can start to arise in many different areas of the body. Spine misalignment can be caused by many different things. While some of these are obvious, such as taking a hard hit to the back or falling directly on your back, some are not so obvious. There are times when someone may not even realize their spine is misaligned. Fixing spine misalignment not only can relieve pain but will also promote better communication between your brain and other parts of the body via the nervous system. Here are some signs to look out for that can indicate that your spine is misaligned.

Shoe Test
Often times when someone’s spine is out of alignment, they will put unequal weight on their legs. To test if this is the case for you, look at the bottom of your shoes. If one foot is consistently more worn down than the other, this is a sign that a misalignment in your spine is affecting your legs.

Inhibited Gait
A misalignment in your spine can cause you to have a limp or hobble when you walk. To easily test this, try to walk 15-30 feet in a straight line. While doing this, have someone observe how you walk. If you have a limp or are slightly hobbling, this can be a sign of a misalignment in your spine.

Neck Problems
A healthy, aligned spine would mean a full range of motion in the neck. If you cannot turn your neck fully left or right, or there is pain when you look in a certain direction, it is possible that a misalignment in your spin is causing an inhibited range of motion for your neck.

Constant Fatigue
When parts of your body are not working correctly, the body will expend more energy to make up for it. If your spine is misaligned, communication between the brain and other portions of the body will be hindered. Organs may not be working at 100%, causing the body to expend more energy to compensate for this.

Painful Deep Breaths
Take a few deep breaths right now. If everything is alright, there should be absolutely no pain involved in this process. If there is pain, it actually could be related to your spine. This pain would be located either in the back or in the ribs. The pain could be due to a misalignment in your spine, typically in the upper back, that is putting pressure on the ribs.

Other Signs
       • Chronic headaches
       • Frequent illness
       • Numb or tingling sensation in your hands or feet

If you come to the conclusion that there is something wrong and it could be related to your spine, it is important to see a professional about it as soon as possible. Leaving a misalignment untreated can lead to serious issues later in life such as bad posture, chronic pain, limited movement, sciatica, and more. Chiropractors are trained in spinal realignment and will also be able to tell you different lifestyle changes that would help lessen pain and discomfort.