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Chiropractic for Posture: How Your Chiropractor Can Help You Stand Up Straighter

Bad posture can be hard to deal with. It can get to the point where even sitting up “straight” won’t actually be straight. While you could visit an orthopedic doctor about your posture, this can be costly and could take months before even getting in. Another method to consider is seeing a chiropractor. Chiropractors mainly focus on the spine and have a wealth of knowledge on how the spine works, how it should look, and how to adjust it.

Poor posture has more detrimental effects than just the visual aspects. Some of the health benefits of proper posture are:

  • Less risk for back injury
  • Improved digestion
  • Less wear on muscles and joints
  • Proper alignment of bones and joints
  • Reduce stress on ligaments
  • Conserve energy

As you can see, there is a plethora of benefits from having proper posture, so how can a chiropractor help you achieve this?

Step 1

The first thing a chiropractor would do is ask you a series of questions. This is to examine your lifestyle and how bad your posture truly is. The reason they want to know about your lifestyle is because posture is actually affected by many aspects of your life. For example, stress, weight gain, and previous injuries all have an effect on your posture. By knowing all these things, your chiropractor can effectively create a plan to get your posture on track to being where it should be.

Step 2

This is when your chiropractor really starts to examine your posture. This is when they can get the full scope of how bad your posture is and what they would need to do to fix it. They need to do this to know where exactly they should be making adjustments on the spine. At this point, they won’t only be looking at your spine. They will be looking at other parts of the body such as your shoulders, neck, and pelvis.

Step 3

You’ve finally reached the point where they actually start to make adjustments. This is not something you need to stress over; it is not as scary as it sounds. You will be met with very minimal discomfort as chiropractic professionals are trained in being as gentle as possible while still achieving the effect they are looking for. While adjustments to your back will be made, do not panic if they start to make adjustments to your shoulders as well. This is done to reduce strain on the back, so they have an easier time making the necessary adjustments. At this point, they will also work on your muscles. While bones allow for structure, muscle is what keeps that structure strong and in the right spot. They will take this opportunity to strengthen your soft tissue, so that your posture does not slip back into being poor.

Step 4

At this point, it is on you to maintain your posture. Your chiropractor will most likely give you some stretches and exercises that are meant to strengthen the back muscles and keep that posture healthy. They also want the stretches to ease some tension in your muscles, as this is a major cause of poor posture.

While it may sound daunting at first, a trip to the chiropractor can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. You will leave feeling happier, healthier, and sitting up straighter.